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About the Client

Restaurant Programs of America (RPA) is the nation’s largest restaurant insurance broker, insuring over 6,000 restaurants.
The Problem

Overhaul marketing spend

When we first met with Restaurant Programs of America (RPA), they were convinced that digital marketing was a waste of money. They had been spending quite a bit of money on digital marketing and getting no new business out of it.

Prior to our meeting, they had spent nearly 2 years searching for a Marketing Director who could help them make sense of it all and attempt to generate revenue.

After completing our detailed analysis of their brand and marketing, RPA hired us to act as their outsourced marketing department. In our analysis, we documented many reasons why their current marketing efforts had not resulted in any actionable leads:

  • Outdated branding
  • Unclear messaging (used complex industry jargon)
  • Did not have a lead acquisition strategy
  • Never analyzed their marketing efforts
The Solution

1_ Strategy.

First, RPA needed proof that digital marketing dollars weren’t a waste. We formulated a strategy including regular top-of-the-funnel sources, including regular content creation and distribution, social media ads, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), keywords/adwords, and automated LinkedIn marketing outreach.

We followed this up with marketing automation and a solid CRM system. After we were able to show results (below), we completed a rebrand to update the image and clarify the messaging of the company.

2_ Resources.

  • Graphic design firm
  • Branding firm
  • LinkedIn marketing expert
  • Marketing automation software
  • Marketing Agency (SEO, SEM, Ads experts)
  • Email marketing team
  • Multiple content creators

3_ Analysis.

After a few months of our executing our strategy, we completed an analysis that revealed that 5 of their 7 marketing channels were performing at a high level, but 2 were underperforming. This analysis clearly showed exact figures for a cost per lead and an approximate revenue utilizing their CRM. After sharing these results with RPA, we rerouted marketing funds to maximize their ROI.

Cost per Lead
Facebook Ads (Retargeting) = $41.95
SEO = $52.94
SEM (Retargeting) = $81.82
LinkedIn = $85.46
SEM (AdWords keyword 1) = $93.10
SEM (AdWords keyword 2) = $192.86
SMM + Facebook Ads (Other) = $229.79