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Social Media

Professional Mortgage Source

About the Client

Professional Mortgage Source is the Home of the “No Cost” Mortgage.
The Problem

Bad social media presence

Professional Mortgage Source was getting more “useless results” out of their marketing efforts than any business we had met. Their social media accounts were in poor standing with their networks due to fake followers and likes. While their follower account and engagement may have looked decent, it was all smoke and mirrors.

After showing them their fake follower problem, they hired us to clean up their digital mess. We completed a rebrand and a new website, then generated real followers and engagement by having a strategy in place.

The Solution

1_ Strategy.

Since not much of Professional Mortgage Source’s digital presence were real accounts, our strategy was simple: Start fresh!

We started with a brand overhaul to modernize their imaging, including a brand new website. We cleaned up their follower base by turning off all automated followers and started targeting their ideal clients instead.

2_ Resources.

  • Branding firm
  • Graphic design firm
  • Website developers
  • Social media management team

3_ Analysis.

Their total rebrand was completed within a month and on-going analysis can begin now that everything is setup properly and a strategy has been defined.